Download youtube videos via command line

I know there are plenty of plugins, application out there which allows us to download youtubue videos.

One of the best ways to download youtube videos on Ubuntu is play any video on youtube or vimeo and navigate to  folder /tmp. you’ll find your download file, sitting right there. Can’t get any simpler than this right?

However those who love command line, would definitely love this. There is some kind of feeling when you do your tasks via command line 🙂

youtube-dl is a  command line utility, which  downloads youtube videos without any online applications, converters or etc.


Ubuntu : sudo apt-get install youtube-dl

Windows : guide to install youtube-dl under Windows XP.


If you want to download some youtube video, for example this

Just enter this command

The downloaded video will be in your home folder. Check out the below screenshot!


Turpial – Awesome Lightweight native Linux twitter client

Turpial is no doubt one of the best native linux twitter client out there. Though i’m a huge fan of adobe Air Based Tweetdeck, this thing looks promising. Turpial until now was availble only in Spanish, thanks to developers now its available in English via PPA.

Turpial has both single window mode, as well as Tweetdeck like wide mode.

Single Window mode

Wide Mode:

It supports every feature any decent twitter app provides like Url shortening and image upload with dozen services.


  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:effie-jayx/turpial-devel
  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get install turpial

This client is still under development, and you’ll surely have lot of crashes. But once the final release comes its a very promising twitter client.

Update status messages from Terminal is a web service that lets you update status messages across social networks at one go. No doubt its popular and saves lot of time and there are plenty of apps out there. But i was looking for something different, thats lets me update the status message to I use Gwibber on my ubuntu, but for some reason the doesn’t work at all in Gwibber.

So i was searching around i found this cool python program that lets me update messages from commandline. cool isn’t it.  Its really simple program, the author calls it Terminal Pings. Terminal pings is commandline client written in python. With it you can easily send updates to from your terminal

Download the package here and extract it.

1) open
2) add your app key to line 19 (get your key from
3) run it with “python”

If you want fast access to it anywhere on your computer add this line to your .bashrc:

alias pingfm = ‘python /home/username/full/path/to/’

Screenshot-tanveer@tanveer-laptop: ~-terminal_pings_final

You can find the author here