Turahalli Forest!


It was a first ride after coming back from US. When you know your stamina is totally gone and still you decide to go on a long ride.

I wake up at 4 45 am and start the 25 kms Journey before I meet my friends at central silk board. We wanted to lose sun, as much as possible.

We reach Turahalli Forest after getting lost at few places. The place is full of big stones and who is into photography its heaven. Unfortunately I didn’t take my new Nikon D5100, since I was scared of sun.

The downhills are very steep. My schwinn hybrid couldn’t keep up much. So had to get down and walk. You need MTB for sure.

We were fortunate To meet bunch of guys doing rock climbing. Should do it again.

The worst part was riding home from silk board at 11 when sun was high. Some how managed to reach home after having tender coconut and watermelon on the way at 12 30. Rest was the day went off in sleeping 🙂