Transform Ubuntu into OS X

This post is aggregate of all my research i have done to make ubuntu or gnome look like a OSX. Why OSX you might ask, well no doubt it is the best when it comes to style. Im a big fan of apple user interfaces though they lack a bit in functionality and obviously they are very expensive unless you have lot of money 🙂

Ubuntu’s Gnome GUI is extremely customizable.  With themes, icons, cursors, etc., you can have that OS X Leopard look without the OS X price.

Follow these steps :

1. Download :

– Great OS X theme for Gnome is the Mac4Lin project over at Its like OSX transformation pack. Just head over to the site and download the latest package. Extract the Mac4Lin in your home directory.

– Download the tarball archive containing the cursors, login screen, icons, splash screen  here. The tutorial assumes you have downloaded the archive to your home folder. To unpack the archive use the following in a terminal:

The tarball contains 10 different files:


2. Install OSX Theme
CD to the Mac4Lin directory and issue the command

sh ( the file name should be the one in the directory, since the version keeps changing )

Viola you are done. now you have the OSX theme , login screen and icons. Max4Lin is still in development hence when you apply the theme not all components like fonts, cursors are changed. That is fine, I’ll show you how to do that.

3. Install AWN theme

Awn is the great OSX like dock. Nothing comes better than that in ubuntu. The default theme of awn doesn’t match much with OSX theme. Mac4Lin has the OSX theme for AWN. Open up the Mac4Lin directory and find the folder by name AWN. Here is how to install it

Just open awn and click on dock preferences and click themes. There you can add theme by selecting the awn theme in Mac4Lin directory. Apply it and you are finished.

4. Install the OS X cursors

– Open the Themes Manager or Appearance Preferences
– Click the Install button and point to the Cursors_57588-Shere_Khan_X.tar.gz archive
– Do not Apply the changes
– Open the Mouse manager via System—>Preferences—>Mouse and click the Pointers tab
– Select the Shere_Kahn_X cursors
– Select Close

5. Install the OS X fonts

– Open a terminal and type or copy the following

sudo unzip -d /usr/share/fonts/truetype/ ~/
sudo fc-cache -f -v

– This will install the fonts to your system.  Apple uses the Lucida Grande font.
– Open the Font menu via System—>Preferences—>Font and make the following changes
Application Font         Lucida Grande                       9 Point
Document Font           Lucida Grande                       9 Point
Desktop Font               Lucida Grande                       9 Point
Window Title Font     Lucida Grande Bold              10 Point
Fixed Width Font       Bitstream Vera Sans Mono  9 Point

– Reboot  the workspace CTRL-ALT-BKSP for the changes to take effect

6. Firefox Theme

Change Firefox skin to a Safari theme here.  I have found that the iFox Metal theme give the best OS X look.

You now have a Gnome desktop that looks very much like OS X Leopard. I hope it helps you. If you like this article please consider a digg, tweet 😀

A special thanks to stchman and Anirudh Acharya, Developer – Mac4Lin

Enjoy the screenshots


Apple 3GS Price in India [Rumor]

A guy from FoneArena forum has some info about the 3GS price in India!

The iphone 3GS would be Launched on 9th August in India, The Price is 32000/- for 16GB Version and 39000/- for 32GB Version. I got the Information from one of my Friends who is working with Airtel.

I thought the 8GB will cost around 30K, anyways for 16GB not bad. 🙂 Eagerly waiting for this, since im gonna buy one!