Hotot – Sexy Native Linux Twitter app

Hotot is one of the lovely apps that got me impressed. I mean you should see it to believe it. Its like app is perfectly designed. feels like you are on iPhone in linux. 🙂 It supports twitter and microblogging service with multi-profile support.

The app is pretty basic. Single window interface with separate tabs for home, replies and so on.

The Main Window:

The mentions window:

Its the only app which have seen which implements replies perfectly. It shows to which tweet, it was replied. There is also an option where you check all the tweets in that conversation. neat!


Yes you are right. It supports extensions. Currently there are very less number of extensions. But im sure as the development moves along there will be a lot. The one extension i like most now is picture preview.


If you are on Ubuntu, there is PPA for both stable and daily build. I use daily build since its under constant development.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:hotot-team

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install hotot

The Bad:

Hotot is still in alpha, there are lotta hiccups here and there. Only thing that is missing for me is Facebook support. Hope it comes soon 🙂


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