Nokia 5800 firmware v4.0 – Finally Kinetic Scrolling is here

There is a saying “Better late than never” 🙂 thats exactly whats happening with this firmware for 5800. Just when i thought Nokia has ditched its first touch screen phone, here comes the sweet update.

There are some new features in the firmware most importantly there is Kinetic Scrolling. I don’t understand why it took Nokia this late to get this. anyways we have it finally. I’m happy for that, since any touch screen that doesn’t implement kinetic scroling is a crap phone. come on who wants to use scroll bar, when you are so addicted to the scrolling the way iphone or ipod touch does ?

Changelog for Firmware V40.0.005:

– Kinectic Scrolling everywhere except: main menu, application menu, browser
– Homescreen  similar to that of 5530 with Contacts Bar (20 contacts)
– New awesome black theme. Better than Red.
– QWERTY Keyboard Auto Rotation (on text input screens)
– New screen when calls comes. This is only when phone is locked. you need to slide to answer or ignore. Its like iphone lock.
– Touch Screen is more responsive than before
– Ovi contacts is installed. No idea what it is.. Also real player is updated

How to update Firmware ?

One of the following methods should work for you-
1) Via OTA: Just enter *#0000# on your dial screen, then go to options- check for updates.
2) Via NSU: Connect the phone to the PC and check with nokia software updater

Usually this update takes lot of time to reach everyone. so be patient. You can check whether your model has firmare update using this site Nokia Update Finder.  Just enter your model code, found on the back of battery.

However if you can’t wait like me you have a solution.  The updates are based on the product code. There is a way you can change it, so you’ll get the update immediately. Here is the nice post on how to do it. Change product code

This product code should work 0573797 for Indian models. If you’re on Windows 7. NSS gives you lot of trouble giving some product code error, to solve it right click on the short cut, run in windows XP comparability mode. Also select “use virtual colors” option.

What is missing.
For now the rotation from portrait mode to landscape mode is still very slow. I wish this was improved a bit.

Here is the video showing the new features of the firmware

4 thoughts on “Nokia 5800 firmware v4.0 – Finally Kinetic Scrolling is here

  1. Hi friend!

    I use my 5800xm to search for update, no result, it still stuck with firmware v3.0

    I bought mine in Hong Kong.

    Please help! What code should I change to get this 5800 to detect the v4.0 update? Any idea?

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