Disable User online Notification in Pidgin

The login notification bubble of pidgin is cool, but at sometimes it gets annoying. Till this day i was too lazy to find the option to disable it, however recently i had comment on my blog about how to disable them. After about 10 minutes of searching finally found that option. I wish pidgin developers had a easy option to configure it, anyways here is how to do it.

Notification system in Pidgin is via a plug-in called ‘Libnotify popups’. To disable notification when your contact becomes online. Go to

  • Tools -> Plugins (Ctrl + U).
  • Select ‘Libnotify popups’ then Configure Plugin.
  • remove ‘Buddy signs on’ checkbox. Done.



7 thoughts on “Disable User online Notification in Pidgin

  1. Thanks! Keep up the good work. I’ve tried linux a few times in the past. This time it has more positives than negatives and I am finally a successful convert. Your blog is has been a constant help. Thanks.

  2. Oh man, thank u so much… I’ve been searching like crazy how to unable this. This user online notifications pop us were getting on my nerves
    Thanx a lot

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