Update Ping.fm status messages from Terminal

Ping.fm is a web service that lets you update status messages across social networks at one go. No doubt its popular and saves lot of time and there are plenty of apps out there. But i was looking for something different, thats lets me update the status message to ping.fm. I use Gwibber on my ubuntu, but for some reason the ping.fm doesn’t work at all in Gwibber.

So i was searching around i found this cool python program that lets me update messages from commandline. cool isn’t it.  Its really simple program, the author calls it Terminal Pings. Terminal pings is commandline client written in python. With it you can easily send updates to ping.fm from your terminal

Download the package here and extract it.

1) open pingfm.py
2) add your app key to line 19 (get your key from http://ping.fm/key)
3) run it with “python pingfm.py”

If you want fast access to it anywhere on your computer add this line to your .bashrc:

alias pingfm = ‘python /home/username/full/path/to/pingfm.py’

Screenshot-tanveer@tanveer-laptop: ~-terminal_pings_final

You can find the author here


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