My post on Transform Ubuntu into OSX has featured in WordPress blog of the day!


Well last saturday on a lazy afternoon, i decided i should write a post on Transforming ubuntu into OSX. I had changed my ubuntu to OSX visual style a month back, i really enjoyed watching it. It almost looked like OSX, except of course the OS 🙂 So i thought people might like it and then i wrote the post, about how to do it. you can check it here

To my astonishment the next day, the post had hit almost 10k page Hits!! and it got featured into wordpress blog of the day. You can check it here, see the 14th one in the list. It also got featured on Im not a professional blogger and i blog occasionally, this was like awesome. I never had these many hits! I hope everyone liked it 🙂

I submitted it to Hacker News as usual after i write something related to technology. I had about 50 comments, most of them didn’t like that ubuntu is converted to look like OSX. I can understand the sentiments but i really liked it. You can read the Comments on Hacker news here If you like this post, do comment on the blog or on hacker news.

Links :

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