Digg takes the time to study the pain of IE 6


It is getting funny day by day that web applications starting to give wierd and humrous messages when people open web apps through IE6 browser. I had these when logged into Filttr.com No doubt lot of people still use IE6, but giving those messages is bad. A web app is supposed to be diversified acrosss the browers. Im a developer, i know the pain of testing on different browers but the point is about losing customers just because you can’t provide a decent app on IE6.

It is good to see that sites like Digg are looking at how to push forward. If you add up the time spent by Web developers on keeping IE 6 working on the site… well, I am sure it is a few bucks.


4 thoughts on “Digg takes the time to study the pain of IE 6

  1. I disagree. This is one of the reasons why it’s so hard for people to move forward. This is a reason why enterprises and educational institutions are still stuck on old version of windows.

    If you are a designer, you would *really* know how hard it is to design in IE. I’ll not even start on IE6.

    When we were done with with beta of Filttr and running final tests, we were shocked to see how IE rendered our web interface. Aditya spent a lot of time but even IE8 wouldn’t budge. Spending half our resources on a pathetic browser just didn’t make sense and hence, we dropped the ball.

    The web is pushing for html5, faster JS rendering and where’s Microsoft with IE? You have your answer 🙂

    • IE really gets on my nerve too. And how pathetic the browser is, absolutely shows, since Microsoft is more willing to bribe people (remember the contest?) to use their browser than to just make it standard compliant.

    • Swaroop i know the pain 🙂 but what if the organization is not ready to migrate at all ? this was the case with my previous organization, they were very particular about not having anything other than IE. In that case is that our mistake, we can’t try out the web app.

      You too have the point. In the long run, if everyone starts complaining about IE, organization might give a second look about migrating. But i think that’s not gonna happen soon.

      Between i appreciate the work you guys are doing with Filttr. Keep the good work.

  2. Well, those organizations can stay in the stone age then. Keeping up-to-date is a basic job for the IT department and is always for the betterment of a company.

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