What’s new in Eclipse 3.5(Galileo)

Yeah, the new version is here! Though there are not much of changes, here are the main changes i found worth mentioning.

Compare Editor enhancements

Comparing Word document changes in Eclipse

Switch editors and multi-page editors
Switching between open editors and multiple editor pages has been streamlined. Ctrl+PageDown and Ctrl+PageUp now always activate the next or previous editor tab

Debug view now offers a breadcrumb which shows the current active debug context. The breadcrumb is activated automatically when the Debug view is resized to show only one line of text.

An Open Implementation hyperlink has been added for overridable methods, which directly opens the implementation in case there’s only one, or shows all the concrete implementations for that method in the hierarchy of its declaring type, using the quick type hierarchy. By default, the hyperlink appears when you hold down the Ctrl key while hovering over an overridable method.

Links in Javadoc headers  In the headers of Javadoc hovers and the Javadoc view, references to other types and members are now links. You can click on a method return type or parameter type to quickly read the type’s Javadoc.

The JUnit4 version shipped with Eclipse has been updated to 4.5.

Version 6.1 of the Jetty Web server is now included in the platform, replacing the 5.1 version in the previous release. This brings along an implementation of version 2.5 of the javax.servlet API, replacing the 2.4 version in the Ganymede release.

For complete set of feature, follow this url http://is.gd/1ibWi


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