AWN – Avant Window Manager Launcher trouble

Well, im a big fan of Awn. Its a OSX like dock for linux. I use it with my Ubuntu Karmic kaola. It was running all fine, but after a new update this morning its was acting soo weird. It was showing none of my Launchers with one vertical line on one of the applet 😦 At first i thought it should be a problem with the update so i unstalled it with apt-get remove and installed it again, but still no luck. After about 1 hour of searching for the problem, i finally found the problem. The answer was soo simple, i felt soo embarrassed about  it 🙂

The actual Problem:

The problem was that, the AWN manages all launchers though a Launcher/TaskManager Applet. All i had to do was remove and add it again. Voila everything back to Normal.

This thing had  a lesson for me. Even though the problem was simple, i made it complicated. Same thing holds true for life 🙂

Thanks to this thread on awn forum Thread Link


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