Free SMS services Online in India !

Well this has to be familiar to all.. Just google free SMS and you’ll get plenty of results.. but sadly the top results not only suck but are useless in india. So did a little research and i found out that these services work based on the ads they attach to every message. Fair enough, they have to make money. But most of the services allowed only 80 -90 charecter or so, thats too less. But there is Way2Sms which allows 110 charecters Sweet.


Here are the Best SMS Services i found out..


This is by far the best messaging service i found out. It allows 110 charecters and ads are same everytime. Even it delivers messages in 10 sec or so. You can send unlimited messages.. sweet !


This is what most of my friends recommended me. But it is very disoppointing. It allows only  80 charecters and you can send only 10 messages to a particular number. sucks..


This is pretty decent. allows 90 charecters.

In all Way2Sms is the winner.


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