My new iPod 80GB Classic

Well its a month since i bought my first ipod off eZone in banglore for approximately 12K( with two more gooddies). Its been great addition to my existing gadgets Collection.

First impressions :

No kidding, iPod is really a good device. Now i can’t think of travelling in a bus without this. Like the design very much, But its too prone to scraches. so had buy a pouch for it. I was surprised to see the branded pouch for iPod costs more than 500 bucks. Anyways bought it at 150 bucks at National Market, great deal isn’t it 🙂

Performance :

Its really fast. Previously i had trancend T-Sonic, which was very slow while booting. However ipod takes just a second to boot up. Music and video clarity is awesome.

Music Transer :

Transferring music through iTunes looks bit primitive. Im telling this because, we are used to drag and drop songs onto a device. like plug n play. But in this every time you have to add a song, you got to add it to iTunes library first, then sync with iTunes. What a way to transfer for a power user like me.
well no concerns, im not gonna sit with this. Searched around n found a nice software called “Imtoo iPod Computer tranfer”. Its such a nice software which allows drag and drop of songs onto iPod.

Even copying from iPod is nearly not possible. If you see the ipod drive directly from windows explorer all you’ll find is some music files with random numbers as name. You can overcome this limitation by using “Imtoo iPod Computer tranfer” which allows copying from iPod direcly to your harddrive.

Convertors :

There are whole bunch of convertors up there. But my personal favorita and best is AllOk Convertor. its fast and simple.


One thought on “My new iPod 80GB Classic

  1. One very pleased customer.
    I have owned the Apple iPod classic 80 GB Black (6th Generation) for three months by now and I have no problems or disappoints with it. I bought it to replace my 30 Gig iPod Video, which I had for three years. I had no problems with it, either. I simply wanted the upgrade and sold my old one to a friend.

    My new iPod Classic’s external functions are the same as my old one. The updated internal software is impressive, though, with the new cover flow and the way it displays the files in general. Plus, on my old 30 Gig iPod, when I would scroll through its files while music was playing, there was some lag; but not with the new Classic. Now, when I scroll through my various files as music plays, I’ve noticed no lag.

    Some reviews here have reported about some lag in the software when scrolling through the cover flow, but I’ve noticed none. Some reviews also reported that the click wheel was not as sensitive as what they would like. Again, I haven’t noticed any problem being able to use the scroll wheel. Remember that these iPods are miniature computers. Computers actually do have the ability to learn. The longer you use one, the more accustomed it becomes to it’s user until all of the user’s habitual activities become ingrained into the very way the computer functions.

    The battery life is incredible on the Classic. I’ve heard of people complaining that their iPods were only lasting roughly 4 years until the battery just quits. The biggest way to deplete a rechargeable battery (which iPods are obviously powered by) is to keep it plugged in all the time. If people would just let the battery get very near to empty each time before they recharge it, they’ll be amazed at how long the batteries are actually intended to last (much longer than only 3 years). In a nut shell, just treat the battery well by not leaving the iPod plugged into the computer all the time; that’ll deplete it faster than anything. Remember they’re rechargeable, not continuously-chargeable.

    Lastly, if people would simply treat the iPod with care and not bang it around or drop the thing like so many people drop their cell phones a dozen times a day, they’ll find that their iPod will last a lot longer. Again, they’re miniature computers, not something simple, like jump drives; they’re more complex and have moving parts inside. Too much banging around will eventually knock something loose inside and likely kill the iPod’s ability to function like it’s designed to.

    All in all, I highly recommend the new iPod classics if someone is looking for an mp3 player with tons of file space to store their media.

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