Removing autorun.exe from iPod or Pen drive

Well recently bought a 80GB iPod Classic. Just tried transferring songs from my friends PC, unfortuntely his system was full of Trojan horses like autoRun.exe etc that infected my iPod like we are used to in Pen drives. So whenever i used to click on ipod drive directly, it says access denied 😦

So did a little research n was able to remove that trojan horse from my ipod. Here is steps to do that

1. First navigate to Ipod drive from command line

2. Type this command “dir /w /a” and see if there are any suspicious files like autorun.gif, autorun.exe,  MicrosoftPowerPoint.exe etc

If present follow next stpes.

3. Type this command for a each suspicious file. For example if autorun.exe is present, type this command.
   “attrib -a -r -s -h autorun.exe”. ( it removes archive, readonly, system, hidden attributes from that file)

4. Then del that file using del command. For example
   “del autoRun.exe”

 5. Disconnect and connect again, voila your iPod or Pen Drive is free of Viruses 🙂

 Hope this helps..


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