Meeting you

It was short — we were short — but for me, it was beyond surreal. I could spend years searching for the perfect words to describe how it felt to be with someone like you, but it’s in the past and I suppose that it doesn’t really matter anymore (though I’ll probably never end my search for those beautiful words).

What does matter is that when I realized that our seeing less and less of each other meant that our fling could possibly be coming to an end, I didn’t let it fizzle quietly.


Turahalli Forest!


It was a first ride after coming back from US. When you know your stamina is totally gone and still you decide to go on a long ride.

I wake up at 4 45 am and start the 25 kms Journey before I meet my friends at central silk board. We wanted to lose sun, as much as possible.

We reach Turahalli Forest after getting lost at few places. The place is full of big stones and who is into photography its heaven. Unfortunately I didn’t take my new Nikon D5100, since I was scared of sun.

The downhills are very steep. My schwinn hybrid couldn’t keep up much. So had to get down and walk. You need MTB for sure.

We were fortunate To meet bunch of guys doing rock climbing. Should do it again.

The worst part was riding home from silk board at 11 when sun was high. Some how managed to reach home after having tender coconut and watermelon on the way at 12 30. Rest was the day went off in sleeping 🙂


Hotot – Sexy Native Linux Twitter app

Hotot is one of the lovely apps that got me impressed. I mean you should see it to believe it. Its like app is perfectly designed. feels like you are on iPhone in linux. 🙂 It supports twitter and microblogging service with multi-profile support.

The app is pretty basic. Single window interface with separate tabs for home, replies and so on.

The Main Window:

The mentions window:

Its the only app which have seen which implements replies perfectly. It shows to which tweet, it was replied. There is also an option where you check all the tweets in that conversation. neat!


Yes you are right. It supports extensions. Currently there are very less number of extensions. But im sure as the development moves along there will be a lot. The one extension i like most now is picture preview.


If you are on Ubuntu, there is PPA for both stable and daily build. I use daily build since its under constant development.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:hotot-team

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install hotot

The Bad:

Hotot is still in alpha, there are lotta hiccups here and there. Only thing that is missing for me is Facebook support. Hope it comes soon 🙂

Moving from Eclipse to Intellij Idea

Initial Struggle:

I have been Eclipse user for almost 2+ years. Suddenly one day i stumbled upon intellij idea. Courtesy of my team mates.

Initially moving from Eclipse to Idea was overwhelming. Neither i had patience nor time to learn new IDE with its own set of shortcuts.
Still after lotta of good reviews about it, decided to give it a try. Well at first i failed at it. The reason i was still using eclipse as primary IDE, since Idea shortcuts were completely different than eclipse and they were quite strange that time.

Somehow decided to give it one more shot, and this time it did click with me. I struggled initally but survived. Believe me its worth the struggle. It surely is a most intelligent IDE, especially if you are working with Javascript. Eclipse has worst Javascript support and its pain. I know there are plugins for it, but they are useless.

Idea Ninja:

No one can use IDE efficiently without mastering the shortcuts. Idea has excellent reference for shortcuts. I suggest you look into the complete idea keymap from here

If you are eclipse user, here is the small idea keymap with corresponding eclipse shortcuts.

Action Eclilpse Idea
Code Completion Ctrl + Space Ctrl + Space 

Ctrl + Shift + Space

Ctrl + Alt + Space

Reformat code Ctrl+Shift+F Ctrl + Alt + L
Optimize imports Ctrl + Shift+ O Ctrl + Alt + O
Delete line at caret Ctrl+D Ctrl + Y
Replace Ctrl + F Ctrl + R
Find in path Ctrl+H Ctrl + Shift + F
Replace in path Ctrl + Shift + R
Step over F6 F8
Step into F5 F7
Step out F7 Shift + F8
Resume program F8 F9
View breakpoints Debug View Ctrl + Shift + F8
Go to class Ctrl + Shift + T Ctrl + N
Go to file Ctrl + Shift + R Ctrl + Shift + N
Go to line Ctrl+L Ctrl + G
Recent files popup Ctrl + E Ctrl + E
Go to declaration Ctrl + Click or F3 Ctrl + B or Ctrl + Click
Go to implementation(s) Ctrl+T Ctrl + Alt + B
Type hierarchy F4 Ctrl + H
Show usages Ctrl + Shift+G Ctrl + Alt + F7
Generate code… (Getters, Setters, Constructors, 

hashCode/equals, toString)

Alt + Insert Alt + Shift+S


1. Learn to use Ctrl+J
Ctrl+J brings up the Live Template options based on where your cursor is. If you’re in Javadoc then there will be some Javadoc intentions, if you have code highlighted then there will be some surround intentions.

2. Learn to use Ctrl+Alt+T
Highlighting code and pressing Ctrl+Alt+T will bring up the “Surround With” menu.

3. Increase Your Heap Size
IDEA critics (rightly, in my experience) complain that it is slower than Eclipse. Well, your first step should be to increase the heap size. Locate your idea.exe.vmoptions file and open it with a text editer (IDEA works fine). My file is in C:\Program Files\JetBrains\IntelliJ IDEA 7.0.2\bin. Change the -Xmx line to allow a bigger heap. Mine is set at -Xmx512m.

Download youtube videos via command line

I know there are plenty of plugins, application out there which allows us to download youtubue videos.

One of the best ways to download youtube videos on Ubuntu is play any video on youtube or vimeo and navigate to  folder /tmp. you’ll find your download file, sitting right there. Can’t get any simpler than this right?

However those who love command line, would definitely love this. There is some kind of feeling when you do your tasks via command line 🙂

youtube-dl is a  command line utility, which  downloads youtube videos without any online applications, converters or etc.


Ubuntu : sudo apt-get install youtube-dl

Windows : guide to install youtube-dl under Windows XP.


If you want to download some youtube video, for example this

Just enter this command

The downloaded video will be in your home folder. Check out the below screenshot!