Movies this week

1. Dog day afternoon

One of the best movies based on bank robbery. Al pacino looks too good in the movie. Though ending is very sad. By the way its a real story

2. Insomnia

Its sad to say its the first Christopher Nolan that i didn’t like. I never knew in alaska it never gets dark, such a boring place. This is the main reason movie is called Insomnia :)

3. Machinist

One more movie based on Insomnia. Good movie, but you can guess the plot before the climax.

4. American Beauty

Life is complicated :)

5. Escape from Alcatraz

Typical Clint Eastwood movie, not much of a talk. Its based on a true story. Not bad for a prison break movie.

6. Full Metal jacket

One of the best War movies. The first part shows the training of corps and its intimidating. Second part about vietnam war.

7. Juno

College drama. based on a stupid concept! you gotta watch disaster movie to understand how stupid it is :)

8. Time Cop

Time travel movie, my fav genre. Cops to protect time continuum, not bad!

9. Snatch

Funniest crime movie. The british accent itself will make you laugh :)


Movies this week

1. Aeon flux

Nothing new here, usual human extinction theory!

2. Wild Things Foursome

Oh boy this is becoming one of my favorite trilogies. Its the only movie where you’ll be shocked to notice the twists when movie ends.

3. Armored

what a waste of talent. Its got best actors, but the storyline meh. Don bother watching it, its torture.

4. Back to the Future Part III

The final part of Back to the future. One of my all time favorites. You wanna know how time travel works, don miss this.

5. Inception

This was the second time i watched this movie. Couldn’t believe how much i missed the first time. One of the best and complicated movie ever made. Nolan is the best! is planning to watch again :)

6. Zodiac

Based on true story about a serial killer. Movie is very long at times quite boring. But was shocked to hear they haven’t still found the killer. Impressive!

7. Gone baby Gone

The movie is good. But ending sucks..

8. Burn After Reading

Its damn funny! man its confusion all around. Brad pitt and george clooney  at best..

9. The Big Lebowski

Another comedy movie. If you wanna know how crazy people are, you have to watch this. This guy tries some white russian cocktail in the whole movie, it looks yack :)

10. Lost Highway

Its becoming a habit! all the time i have to read the plot to understand david lynch’s movies.. Lost highway total freaked me out! Still i did not understand the movie. :(



Movies Next Summer 2011

Next summer sure is crazy! Superheroes, Sequels all lined up for a bloodbath.

I’m Waiting for Transformers and Kung fu Panda 2 :)

Green Lantern


Captain America: The First Avenger

X-Men: First Class

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

Super 8

The Hangover 2

Rise of the Apes


New Winnie the Pooh
Cars 2
KungFu Panda 2
Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World

Movies This week

Well its been a long week, with long weekend! So list is quite long :)

1. K – Pax
Great performance from Kevin Spacey. But i felt story was little weak especially the ending. We are glued from start something miraculous will happen but nothing happens. :(

2. Daybreakers

Oh boy this was a scary shit. Some epidemic which makes humans vampires and they survive on nothing but human blood. great idea, and its executed quite well. Humans becoming minority, you gotta watch it.

3. The Pianist

One of the top IMDB 250 movie. Its based on a true story of a jew who survives the extermination of jews by hitler’s germany. Movie is quite heard breaking!

4. The Crazies

Sci fi movie based on a virus which gets released to a town by accident and makes people go crazy.

5. To Kill a Mockingbird

Its quite oldie. I have been trying to read the novel by same which movie is based on but in vain. So decided to watch it. Im a great fan legal thrillers, and it didn’t disappoint me.

6. Dead End

This is short and nice movie. Its got awesome twist at the end, don wanna ruin it for you. Go watch it :)

7. CandyMan

Here comes the stupid movie of the week. Only the initial plot is good, other than that god knows whats happening. The villain looks utterly disgusting :)

8. Donnie Darko

One more movie which totally freaks you out. Time travel movies are always crazy!

9. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Its quite different movie. If you like comics, im sure you don wanna miss it.

10. The Deaths of Ian Stone

Here comes a new vampire which feeds on people’s fear and pain.

11. Vacancy

Nothing new here. ain’t scary also.

12. Dead silence

One of the best scary movies i have seen. Got scary damn scary scenes. watch it in a dark room with 5.1 sorround sound, you’ll get scared to death :) Got awesome twist at the end!

13. Wild Things

Oh boy, its got lotta twists. It keeps you guessing. Denise Richards is damn hottt :)

14. Back to the Future

One of my all time favorites. Its the 25th annivarsary of the movie.

15. Back to the Future Part II

The best part Back to the Future trilogy is they are so well connected.

16. Wild Things 2

Not behind wild things, got lotta twists. keeps you guessing who might die next.


Movies This Week

1. Mulholland Dr

One of the craziest movies i have ever seen. Had to watch it twice and read the plot online to understand it. Every piece fits together so well. Have David lynch’s fan now :)

2. Blue velvet

One more master piece from David Lynch.

3. Shaun of the dead

One of the best brit comedies. Its got bit of sci fi story in it. If you have seen hot fuzz, you’ll find the same charecters here. Loved the scene where he explains the plan to rescue his mother and girlfriend. Damn so funny :)

4. The Final

Well its kinda of a stupid story. I don think any high school student would do this violence. Got some really bad violence scenes that would remind you of saw.

5. Dead Again

Its more of a mystery movie. Got awesome Twist at the end. Worth the watch.

6. Star Gate

Its a sci fi movie, based on kind of gateway between worlds. Honestly i had never heard of this movie, until i saw it. Decent movie.

7. Altitude

The most stupid Movie ever. Period. Watch it if you wanna waste you 90 minutes.. well i did :)

8. AdventureLand

Its a romantic comedy. Nothing new here. Usual love triangles :)

9. Alien

I know know, im watching after freaking 30 long years. I don know why, but i didn’t feel like watching it. anyways got blue ray one, so decided to finally watch it. Its amazing for a movie made in 1979 to have such a nice graphics on space ships. Not as good as rating says. Might be its just me :)

10. Senior skip day

Its a college comedy. I don know, no college movie ever disoppoints me. Might be because i loved college :)


Movies This Weekend

Well i have finally decided to blog about all the movies i watch over the weekend. I will not reveal any plot details, it will be just simple good or bad. Thats it. lets get onto it :)

1. Scream 3

The mystery of costume killer continues. The good thing about scream trilogy is it always keeps you guessing who might be the killer. Not as good as 1 or 2, but good watch.

2. Piranha

Well its kind of a movie which has all the elements of blood in it. Its got some scary fishes eating humans, trip wire cutting humans, and worst part is its set in a spring break basically all skin :) This ones a 3D movie and thank god i didn’t watch in it.

3. Dabangg

Its been a while since i watched hindi movie. But after lotta good reviews about salman khan starer movie decided to watch it. Its got good comedy, definitely a must watch.

4. Unrest

One of the After the dark horror fest movie. Movie is very slow but its got mystery in it. Not much scary, but good one!

5. The ugly truth

Well im not a fan of romantic movies. But this is kinda different. You gotta watch it sorry im bad at these :)

6. The Game!

If you watch this movie, seriously you would say God thats some twist at the end..

7. Election

The stupid movie of this weekend. God knows whats the story about.. and who the hell game it so much rating. definitely not recommended, if you don wanna waster 2 hours of your time.

8. Hot Fuzz

Well its been a while since i watched movie like this. Its got comedy, mystery, thriller and everything. This is a kinda movie you don wanna miss it.

9. Vanilla sky

First one hour seems like boring but after that its got some awesome twists to mesmerize you.

10. Red

If you like die hard, you’ll definitely like this. and why don bruce willis get old? its still like watching him in Die Hard!

All the images are taken from IMDB. Im too lazy to give my own ratings. Hope imdb doesn’t sue me for this :)

Enjoy the movies!