Movies This week

Well its been a long week, with long weekend! So list is quite long :)

1. K – Pax
Great performance from Kevin Spacey. But i felt story was little weak especially the ending. We are glued from start something miraculous will happen but nothing happens. :(

2. Daybreakers

Oh boy this was a scary shit. Some epidemic which makes humans vampires and they survive on nothing but human blood. great idea, and its executed quite well. Humans becoming minority, you gotta watch it.

3. The Pianist

One of the top IMDB 250 movie. Its based on a true story of a jew who survives the extermination of jews by hitler’s germany. Movie is quite heard breaking!

4. The Crazies

Sci fi movie based on a virus which gets released to a town by accident and makes people go crazy.

5. To Kill a Mockingbird

Its quite oldie. I have been trying to read the novel by same which movie is based on but in vain. So decided to watch it. Im a great fan legal thrillers, and it didn’t disappoint me.

6. Dead End

This is short and nice movie. Its got awesome twist at the end, don wanna ruin it for you. Go watch it :)

7. CandyMan

Here comes the stupid movie of the week. Only the initial plot is good, other than that god knows whats happening. The villain looks utterly disgusting :)

8. Donnie Darko

One more movie which totally freaks you out. Time travel movies are always crazy!

9. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Its quite different movie. If you like comics, im sure you don wanna miss it.

10. The Deaths of Ian Stone

Here comes a new vampire which feeds on people’s fear and pain.

11. Vacancy

Nothing new here. ain’t scary also.

12. Dead silence

One of the best scary movies i have seen. Got scary damn scary scenes. watch it in a dark room with 5.1 sorround sound, you’ll get scared to death :) Got awesome twist at the end!

13. Wild Things

Oh boy, its got lotta twists. It keeps you guessing. Denise Richards is damn hottt :)

14. Back to the Future

One of my all time favorites. Its the 25th annivarsary of the movie.

15. Back to the Future Part II

The best part Back to the Future trilogy is they are so well connected.

16. Wild Things 2

Not behind wild things, got lotta twists. keeps you guessing who might die next.


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