Movies This Week

1. Mulholland Dr

One of the craziest movies i have ever seen. Had to watch it twice and read the plot online to understand it. Every piece fits together so well. Have David lynch’s fan now :)

2. Blue velvet

One more master piece from David Lynch.

3. Shaun of the dead

One of the best brit comedies. Its got bit of sci fi story in it. If you have seen hot fuzz, you’ll find the same charecters here. Loved the scene where he explains the plan to rescue his mother and girlfriend. Damn so funny :)

4. The Final

Well its kinda of a stupid story. I don think any high school student would do this violence. Got some really bad violence scenes that would remind you of saw.

5. Dead Again

Its more of a mystery movie. Got awesome Twist at the end. Worth the watch.

6. Star Gate

Its a sci fi movie, based on kind of gateway between worlds. Honestly i had never heard of this movie, until i saw it. Decent movie.

7. Altitude

The most stupid Movie ever. Period. Watch it if you wanna waste you 90 minutes.. well i did :)

8. AdventureLand

Its a romantic comedy. Nothing new here. Usual love triangles :)

9. Alien

I know know, im watching after freaking 30 long years. I don know why, but i didn’t feel like watching it. anyways got blue ray one, so decided to finally watch it. Its amazing for a movie made in 1979 to have such a nice graphics on space ships. Not as good as rating says. Might be its just me :)

10. Senior skip day

Its a college comedy. I don know, no college movie ever disoppoints me. Might be because i loved college :)


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